Reservoir Sampling

How the algorithm works and its implementation in streaming system

Notes on writing Clean Code

Reading Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Setup Objective-C dev env in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Design patterns in systems with limited memory

Reading Small Memory Software: Patterns for systems with limited memory


Notes on writing elegant Golang

Consistent Hashing

Tradeoffs & how-to in Redis

Intellij IDEA for Spark w/ Scala examples

And why I don't use Eclipse for Spark

Clojure in Java Developers' eyes & Lisp?

Is it easier to learn Clojure after Java & How GC/VM tuning helped

GCP Cloud SQL integration w/ Java Web App

MyBatis + Spring Boot: Servlet, JSP & JDBC

Redis - Distributed Locks for Transactions

Client Handeling, access control & performance metrics

Hash-flooding DoS

why, how to prevent, application in Java

Grokking DDIA: Dig depper than buzzwords

Understand data & Build reliable, scalable and maintable applications

Reading Source Code: Bilibili in Go

Learning design pattern in large-scale code

Science, Tech & Society for Computing

Exploring ethical and legal issues in the computing world.


Steganography, Cryptography, Forensics and more

There's no place like a perfectly Self-balanced BST

*Trees *Trees *Trees

KEEP CALM and SORT it out

Common sorting algorithms

Cloud Computing: IaaS, PaaS && SaaS

My experience with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Linux System Administration: Configuration, Diagnostics && Management

My notes on Linux System Administration

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Dual Boot with Win10(BIOS Legacy & MBR)

Ubuntu Installation Documentation

The Delicious Course of Hadoop

From to Data Pipeline Dev Docs

Django2, Python3, PostgreSQL, Gunicorn, Whitenoise, Pillow, Virtualenv

Design Scalable Systems

self-help notes of a CS newbie

Fix Jupyter Notebook permission issue on Ubuntu 18.04

[Error 13] Permission denied


Self-reflection on Christmas Night

2018, That's a Wrap!

C++ 11 Multithreading

SOAP & REST Basics

VBA Essentials: My Clean VBA Code

A year ago at the CS knowledge competition the host asked me which language is not for programming -- I chose VBA


Next Generation Web —— Progressive Web App

The Next Generation Application Model For The Web - Progressive Web App


Unix/Linux for Dummies


Definition of End to End User Scenarios