A goal without a plan is just a dream

Yet another human.

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I am @isdanni (Danni), an engineer aspire & a senior CS student.

My developer choice

  • Language: Golang for now.(Clojure is also great but I’m still struggling to learn it ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Tabs or Spaces: Space.(and whichever the group project picks because I’m a n i c e engineer)
  • Editor: VSCode;
  • Vim or Emacs: Vim;

My journey so far

  • My journey in tech started way before college. When I was in primary school, my dad registered my first Gmail account(which welcomed me with hundreds of spam mail about 13 years later) and told me he would give it to me when “it’s time”. He is definitely the person influencing me the most about the career choice. I can remember clearly he would bring piles of electronic&computer magazines home after work and tried to assemble a desktop PC himself even though his job has nothing to do with the technology. He never asked me to learn with him but that was the first time I felt it’s pretty cool to know these stuff.

  • In high school, there were programming club and web-making class for junior students but I only showed up twice before quitting since it’s “too boring”. I started to go through my father’s old magazines and then turned to bookstores because most of them were severely outdated. I also learned my very first programming language at that time, Visual Basics and made some small computer games following tutorials. One day I was listening to a podcast about movies and The Social Network was on. I got interested because the characters spoke faster than any other roles I knew, so I watched it — and got a whole new view of how the tech world is about(tho not completely real, but still). However, this is still not the reason I chose Computer Science, not just because it looks cool.

  • In college, I got admitted into engineering major even though we learned the same classes as CS students in the first year. During that time, I joined many activities and talked to different kinds of people about career choices. I also met amazing friends who are smart and humble. So that’s when I really made up my mind. Because it is something that I love enough to learn new things every day myself. Now after 2 years of study, I have never known this clearly how far I am from the professionals in the field but I would love to learn and continue learning. Not stopping.
  • Feel free to send me questions 🙂

Why I blog

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius

The personal blog right now can be seen as the old chalkboard in the twentieth century, except it’s simply much better and more convenient. I used to think only the really senior and professional people write technical blogs so that people will learn from them, but the meaning of blog has advanced rapidly since the internet age. And I find it easier to learn stuff when I actually write some blogs about it.

When it comes to personality, I would say I’m an extroverted introvert – value interactions with people even I’m not the most talktive type but would be more likely to choose a night in than out. I always have new thoughts or ideas and I would love to note it down before my 80’s.(HA)

So why I blog? – free myelf and learn.





太长不看版: 因为懒;

完整版: 写完英文版的以后懒得再写一遍中文了; ヅ 最早搭博客的时候过于雄心壮志考虑过做双语, 在写个人简介的时候就被劝退了: “啊,好麻烦好浪费时间啊,不想写了, 先休息下吧/啊 好多中文里的梗翻译后就丧失风味了/啊 我的博客我做主, 想用火星文写都可以”;